Prachaub and Lawan is very noisy elephant..

This is video was taken last week during VIP mahout training course, Prachaub and Lawan met very loud sound when they encountered the logging truck. Prachaub and Lawan is very close friend as well as Prathida when those elephants meet each other at the camp, they always make the sound like this especially Prachaub..

Brian, his wife and friend visited the camp..

Brian is Bob’s friends was here several year ago, but this time Bob was not well as he has kidney stone operation and need rests at home so Bob could not come to the camp to visit us.  Actually Bob usually comes to visit his son and his favorite elephant and mahout  ” Jojo and Tantawan and Ple” during November after joining the ” Elephant Round Up ” in Surin Province..
Brian and his friend were there last week and then he come to stay at the camp for two night and now they are in Chiang Mai..
Thank you very much for visiting us again..

Taking photo with Jojo

Visiting Khelang and her mother..

Dirty old man and the vet..

Sri Dor Yai also has eys irritation and he need his eye cleaned..  Sri Dor Yai is one of my favorite elephant at the park as he is super friendly elephant.. He is only male elephant who is in musth and not aggressive as other male elephant becomes very aggressive during musth period, the mahout could not get really closed to those musth elephant, but Sri Dor Yai is not big problem..
I call him ” Dirty old man” as he loves to sniff all young elephant from behind and Jojo his son is like his dad is to love sniff all female elephant..

” Becarefully the vet “

One more thing about Sri Dor Yai is he is the easiest elephant to get on the truck if we need to go somewhere, we just throw the banana on the truck and then he just walked on the step by himself..