Doi Suthep Temple in Chiang Mai

I just added some pictures from short trip in Chiang Mai several day ago.. We went to visit Doi Suthep Temple on the top of mountain..

Chiang Mai’s brief information

” Chiang Mai is the largest and most culturally significant city in northern Thailand, and is the capital of Chiang Mai Province. It is located 700 km (435 mi) north of Bangkok, among the highest mountains in the country. The city is on the Ping river, a major tributary of the Chao Phraya river.

In recent years, Chiang Mai has become an increasingly modern city and has been attracting over 5 million visitor each year, of which between 1.4 million and 2 million are foreign tourists (depending on the year).  Chiang Mai gained prominence in the political sphere in May 2006, when the Chiang Mai Initiative was concluded here between the ASEAN nations and the “+3″ countries (China, Japan, and South Korea). Chiang Mai is one of three Thai cities contending to host the World Expo 2020. It has also recently positioned itself to become a Creative City and is considering to apply for Creative City Status with UNESCO.

Chiang Mai’s historic importance derived from its strategic location on
the Ping river and major trade routes. The city has long been a major
center for handcrafted goods, umbrellas, jewelry (particularly silver)
and woodcarving.

While officially the city (thesaban nakhon) of Chiang Mai only covers
most parts of the Mueang Chiang Mai district with a population of
160,000, the urban sprawl of the city now extends into several
neighboring districts. This Chiang Mai Metropolitan Area has a
population of nearly one million people, more than half the total of
Chiang Mai Province “

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Serious talks

This pictures were shot several day ago when I followed Khelang and Singha Khon into the forest.. Singha Khon is great elephant and she never causes her mahout trouble.

She is one of best elephant beside Pang Yom my grand mother..


Plai Sai and Japatee in Musth

Shot this pictures on the same day of Khelang’ video as we passes the area behind the elephant hospital where all musth elephants are kept..


Must info:

“Musth (alternatively spelled must and pronounced /ˈmʌst/) is a periodic condition in bull elephants, characterized by highly aggressive behavior, accompanied by a large rise in reproductive hormones – testosterone levels in an elephant in musth can be as much as 60 times greater than in the same elephant at other times. However, whether this hormonal surge is the sole cause of musth, or merely a contributing factor, is unknown; scientific investigation of musth is problematic because during musth even elephants that are otherwise placid may try to kill humans.”

More info of musth elephant please visit here

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