Me and Leah in 2006

It was about 4 years ago during my job as coordinator in Mahout Training Course.. At that time I was very thin, now I could not wait that jeans any more.  4 years ago is like happen yesterday as I really enjoyed my job before.. There are so many friends around the world keep coming to visit us like family..

Thank you very much Leah for sending picture of me as it’s really difficult to find my picture since I started working at TECC..

I shoot picture of Leah while she just finished bathing Prathida and then we headed into the forest.

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Morning greeting by Nau Oon and Areena..

This elephants were born only one month different in 2004, Areena was
born on six of May and Nau Oon was born on 12 of June. They were raised
up together in the same area so that are very close friends at TECC..

When both of them grew a little bigger and stayed in the forest, both of
them stayed together and many times Nau Oon escaped her mother and play
with Areena a whole night. So when this elephants were trained and
separated from their mother, they still recognize each other like this
video to show that they always looks for each other..

Nam Mei and Nim..

Nim she is playing with Nam Mei several day ago.. Nam Mei was smuggled elephant from Burma and has been staying at Thai Elephant Conservation Center several year ago..  she is one of favorite elephant of Nim beside Ai and Nau Oon..

Now Nam mei has better life  and cared by her mahouts and vets at Thai elephant Conservation center.._MG_2620

Karen from Florida fifth times at TECC..

I just want to say Big thank for Karen who comes along from Florida to join our Mahout Training Course and this is her fifth times at TECC..

Karen has Wanalee as her elephant and she has great friend is Tiam the mahout of Wanalee without him every tourist will not impress on our course as Tiam knows how to handle the tourist when they were with his elephant..