James Bond new trained elephant from Chiang Mai..

I would like to introduce new trained elephant who come along from Chiang Mai to get trained by our expert trainers and specialist at Thai Elephant Conservation Center..

In my opinion that many camps in Chiang Mai brought their elephants to get trained at TECC is because we have experienced mahouts and experts who know how to handle small and young elephants.. Several of them has been working with elephants over 30 years so those knows about elephants exactly.. Now the elephant trainers are very rare and they did not teach sons to be the trainers as being the trainers or mahouts are very difficult as some elephants are very dangerous so they do not allow their son to be the mahout as it ‘s dangerous job..

We are quite lucky camp that is operated by Government agency which means those mahouts are very happy to work in this organization which means those mahouts need Job security..

Jame Bond and several elephants are very lucky to have proper training by our experts and trainers, but these elephants will be back home when training is finished as TECC does not the owner of those elephant.. I wish some day Thai Governments could issue the law to protect those elephants and focus on conserving Thai Elephant from Extinction..


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Waew at 38 weeks pregnant…

We just came back from medical appointment at the clinic in Lampang, the doctor tell me that Waew could deliver my first baby several day as my son is turning his head down so I have to watch and observe her…  While we were waiting at the clinic, I found my son was moving around after Waew had ice scream that I bought to the shop.. He might love to eat it..

I can not wait to see him and take some pictures to show every one.. I do believe that I will enjoy looking after him and post him on the website.. so I will have some thing to do..

Taun and his beloved elephant Pong at elephant bathing show..

Pong Street elephant from Bangkok was bought by the monk and raised  up  at the temple and then donated to Thai Elephant Conservation Center when he was about 3 or 4 years old with other two elephant ” Tao and Ad ” They are all tusk male elephant..

The monk found three elephants were roaming a long the street in Bangkok the capital of Thailand and then he decided to raise the money in order to buy these elephants and then kept in the temple. After that he donated the elephants to TECC to look after as we have better facility..

I started working at Thai Elephant Conservation Center in 2001, I met Pong and his friend when he was very small elephant but now they are very big and very tall. Now Tao and Ad works as elephant riding service but Pong still works as elephant at the showground as he is good to every elephant..

Soaked by Pumpaung..

Beside Wanalee who always soaks the tourist in the mahout training course, Pumpaung is one of the elephant that I really love her she never squirt the water forward.. Every tourist who has her as elephant for the mahout training course will get soak from her..

Now Pumpaung she is 7 months pregnant._MG_4189