Bottle-fed on Boon Long

Boon Long was bottle-fed by the mahout at Thai Elephant Conservation Center.. Boon Long  is much luckier than other wild elephant who arrived at Elephant Hospital so far as other wild elephants finally died. Once I remembered there was one baby elephant at lesser than a week old lost her herd and then helped by the forest officer and move to be cared by the vet, after several week that baby elephant died as she was too small. Singha Khon was assigned to look after her, but finally that baby elephant died as the baby elephant was too young.. Boon Long is about half year old so he is already know how to suck milk from her mother so it’s easy to feed him with the bottle of milk and from his adopted mother Pumpaung..

Beautiful evening in Chiang Mai..

Yesterday we closed our coffee shop a little earilier as we ran out of coffee supply so we went to Chiang Mai to buy it and then we went to visit and buy things for my son at Central Chiang Mai Airport Shopping Mall.. Kau my son he loved it as he could see colourful light and a lot of people in the Mall..

Then we went to have dinner at Thai Suki.. We love it.. and here is some picture from there..

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