Just added the most recent pictures of Prathida..

On December 11, 2013 I have a great opportunity to visit Prathida who is currently confirmed pregnant and rest in the forest.  I was told that Prathida’s pregnancy is due by next year and it seems she is ready to give birth of her second baby.. I went there with Jami and her friends to say hello to Prathida as Jami has been visiting the Thai Elephant Conservation Center over 13 years.. When we got to the forest where Prathida is we found the area is very quite and surrounded by a lot of food.. and then I asked John the mahout of Prthida about the routine of his elephant and he told me that I will take his elephant into the forest every day to eat and relax and then John and Tle his wife will sleep in the hut built close to their elephant.. I was so happy that Prathida still recognized me by sniffing on my leg.. Here some photo from that day..

Supat Sutti

Jami second person from right always bring her friends to participate the mahout training course every year..


Surrounded by beautiful forest area


Her Breasts are showing that she is ready for her baby..

Happy eye of Prathida

Happy eye of Prathida

And then we went to visit Singha the first baby of Wanna and Jojo in the mahout village..When we got there we found That Singha was drinking a milk from his mother.

Singha is now 2 years and 5 months.. Very happy and healthy baby elephant

Meaw can ride on Singha. this is the benefit of small mahout..

Singha could pick up the thing.. Meaw teach his elephant every day..

View Prathida in the forest in a larger map


  1. Karen Andesren says

    It is so wonderful Supat to know that Prathida is being so well taken care of and also for a hut to be built close to her for John and tun to stay at night. I don’t think they do this for all elephants. I hope this baby will be ok. Do you think they will make a hut for Tiam also when Wanalee’s baby is due to be born? This is wonderful. Thank you so much for the pictures – you know me, I worry about the elephants, so this is very good news to hear. Thank you.

  2. Karen Andesren says

    Also, about little Singha, he is very much like Jojo, his father. I forget the name of Wanna’s mahout? Has Meaw always been Singha’s mahout? It is good he trains Singha as he can be very “rambunctious” at times, like his father – he likes to run and play, but he is very intelligent and good natured also.

  3. Leah Morgan says

    OMG that is so good, I just showed Alex the pictures and he’s amazed how much Singha has grown because he was just a baby when we were there. Singha charged at Alex cause Alex was small, it was so funny. I’m so happy happy happy for Prathida, John and Tle. I will send all our blessings for an easy pregnancy for her. xoxoxoxox please send our love to John and Tle xoxox miss you all.

    • Supat Sutti says

      I think Tun watch this topic and read about it.. Singha is funny baby elephant.. Thank for every thing you gave to our family and elephant.. Stay in touch..

      Supat Suti

      • Leah Morgan says

        Hi Supat, I watch and dream about all your post, but don;t always have time to comment. Always thinking about you all. xoxoxo

  4. Steve Carberry says

    Thank you Supat for posting these photos of Prathida and Singha. I am so excited at the prospect of Prathida having a baby and very nervous at the same time. Good to know that John and Tun are staying near by. Prathida will make a great mother just like Yom!!!!!

    Singha has gone so much. I remember John taking me to meet Singha and Wanna is the forest when Singha was only about two weeks old. John and I played with him for an hour or more. He was so much fun as a baby!!!

    • Supat Sutti says

      Thank Steve for your comments..

      John and Tun have to stay there are they both are very worried about Prathida at night as there are over 20 confiscated elephants are kept there too, but that area are very quite and peaceful..

      Singha is gone bigger and more playful, it ‘s too dangerous to play with.. Even his mahout got kick several time.. :P

      Thank for watching, I will keep update the photos of John and Prathida soon..

      Supat Sutt

      Your friends..

  5. TinaPop says

    Singha has grown a lot! Funnily enough I had a dream last night about going to the forest to see him. Who is the Daddy of Prathida’s baby? We will pray for a safe delivery of her little one.

    • Supat Sutti says

      Hi Tina.. Thank for your comments.. and watch the elephant through changthai.com .. The dady of Prathida’s baby is your elephant Jojo.. and he also made Wanalee ‘s pregnancy.. and later he went for honeymoon with Pang Kod. :(

      Singha is very alike Jojo.. Maew the mahout of Wanna is doing great job over here..

      Supat Sutti

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