Just added some picture of January 6 2013

Here are some pictures of elephants and mahouts at Thai Elephant Conservation Center.. I wish you will love it.. Very soon I will add more pictures of elephant nearly every day and ready to run ahead again..



Beautiful smile of Swang riding on his elephant with the tourist in the mahout training course..


Prachaub always thinks about food and Jojo


Prachaub was rumbling for Jojo..


The tourists were bathing their elephant in the mahout training course.. Great time for the elephants..


This is regarded as the highlight of program..


Nau Oon was teasing her tourist..


Wanalee was soaking her tourist..


As well as Nua Oon..


Jojo was spraying the water to the tourist and Noot


Other tease by Jojo..


Wanalee found her place to sit down..


Areena and Nau Oon were chatting..

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