Photo of today: Elephant Wood Carving

This photo was found in my memory card. So I used it as the Photo of today… This wood carving is done by the excellent artist at the Thai Elephant Conservation Center in Lampang Province where over 50 elephants are well cared by the dedicated mahouts and vet..

Supat Sutti

Elephant Wood Carving


  1. Karen Andersen says

    Supat, the man who carves does he still live where Tiam and I cut through Mahout homes – on the right – before you go onto the road to go to the forest. His home is the last one on the end. He is a master craftsman!

    • Supat Sutti says

      Yes his name is Jeab, He is great artist who had done many carves at TECC and also he is true artist as he is always drunk and talk with himself.. :P

      Supat Sutti

      • Karen Andersen says

        yes I did not want to bring the part up about the drinking, but you are so right. The more he drinks the better he carves. he is so very, very creative, a true artist. I could sit and watch him carve for a very long time, except that I think this is a very personal thing for him to do, so I leave him alone and just admire him very much.

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