Photo of today: is the photo of Jojo, Pang Kod and Wanalee..

This photo was taken this afternoon while a girl was posting for photograph with Jojo, Pang Kod and Wanalee…

Supat Sutti



  1. Karen Andersen says

    thank you so much for sharing this photo. Looks like Pang Kod and Wanalee are about the same height. Although Wanalee is pregnant with her baby and so she is rounder. Is she ok? I see all mahouts are now wearing name picture badges. Maybe next I come I will get one too. 555. That would be nice then I could be there for a long time and maybe live with Mui. I miss her very much.

    • Supat Sutti says

      Thank Karen for your comments… I can not wait to see and hear the best news from Wanalee within this year.. She will become great mother like her mother and her grandmom ” Pang Yom ”

      Supat Sutti

  2. Karen Andersen says

    I know you always aspire to be Jojo! 5555 love it. I have seen Wanalee’s mother in taxi service, does Wanalee ever go visit with her? That would be nice. I don’t remember her name but that is where Wanalees gets her beautiful eyes, from her mother. So great.

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