Photo of today: Sri Siam and his second mahout

This photo was taken this afternoon while Sri Siam and his second mahout were resting during the show..

Supat Sutti

Sri Siam


  1. Leah Morgan says

    Just wanted to tell you that Alex did a talk last week at school about (if you could be an animal, what would you be, and Alex wanted to be an elephant (who’d guess :) ) he wrote about Sri Siam. it was so good. He always asks to go back there again, one day.

  2. Leah Morgan says

    This was his class talk: The Elephant:
    If I could pick any animal to be, I would want to be an elephant. I have met many elephants in Northern Thailand and have trained to be a mahout. I would like to be like my elephant Sri Siam.
    Sri Siam was always gentle with me and listened to when I gave him instructions. I would love to be a mighty elephant like Sri Siam.
    Most elephants in Thailand are well looked after and the King of Thailand also owns his own elephants that are treated very well. I would love to be one of the King of Thailands elephants living at The Elephant Conservation Centre and looked after forever.
    Elephants love to eat and swim. I also love to eat and swim.
    Elephants have very large ears to listen and hear any danger.
    Elephants have an extra long nose called a trunk that can smell things miles away. I would love to be an elephant in Thailand.
    By Alex Kidd.

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